Our company

Founded in 1968, C.B.C. Srl has a deep experience on metal wire working and plating.

We are skilled on grills, gratings and wire baskets for refrigeration and cooking for industrial and home applications. We have a long tradition on wire accessories for the furnishings sector.

In the last years we have specialized in design and production for the "high design" world.

During 40 years of our history we improved our industrialization keeping on the ingenious of steel wire handcrafted. We give attention to our production lines technology progress and to the constant technical product innovation.

We have a modern factory, only few kilometers from Pordenone and the main transportation roads.

We work for Italy, Europe and Middle East market. One of our focus point is the flexibilty: we are able to work on big and small batches. We take care of big and small customers at the same time.

We mainly work on customer's orders, starting from the drawn to finishing with an high Italian quality product guarantee.

Thanks to a Technical Department, inside the firm, we can constantly test products we realize. At the same time we can quickly realize and test quickly new wire steel prototypes.