We give shape to ideas

Our history began over 40 years ago working on steel wire grills and gratings.

During the years we improved our skills and competences. Today we are one of the most important Italian companies in the supply of steel products for industrial refrigeration, cooking and cleaning. At the same time we work for furnishings sector and our metal wire products have become an essential complement for kitchen, bathroom and office furnishings.

In the last years our challenge has become the high design. So it has began a profitable teamwork with different and over world Design Team to realize the best Made in Italy.

All our production is made up of italian labour and professionalism.

Recently we started a "multi-material" research. So we began to couple the steel rod with different material like ceramic, wood and glass. This research has become a forge for creative ideas. We match the technology and industrialization of our product with the handmade art. In particular we have done a deep research on artistic ceramic. The result is "Arteceramica", a magic open mind space.