Inside our factory we have a modern plasticization plant in bio-polyamide Rilsan®PA11 in white, grey-aluminium and transparent-natural.

Polyamide 11 is a sustainable polymer – the only polyamide derived from castor plant–based renewable resources. It is a high performance polyamide with unique combinations of properties. Compared to other engineering plastics, this polymer delivers: an outstanding chemical resistance, high service temperature, an excellent durability and a wide range of flexibility.

Chemical resistance
Compared to polyolefins and other polyamides, Rilsan® PA11 offers better resistance to fuels, greases, oils, acids, bases and salts. The excellent chemical resistance of Rilsan®PA provides high dimensional stability under harsh conditions, matrix stability and excellent stress cracking resistance.

Very low permeability to hydrocarbons combined with great resistance to salts like zinc chloride makes Rilsan® polyamide ideal for highly demanding applications, such as systems in contact with fuel and other pressurized fluids.

Rilsan® polyamide is resistant to chemicals at both high and low temperatures, and retains its impact strength after these extreme exposures. Rilsan® PA also has excellent burst strength, even under harsh environmental conditions it resists a wide variety of chemicals typically present in automotive, oil & gas and electrical & electronics applications.

Thermal resistance
Rilsan®PA11 offers great thermal stability. High temperature grades of Rilsan®PA11 can be used continuously at 125°C (257°F) under certain conditions for over 1000 hrs and can withstand intermittent peaks of up to 150°C (302°F). It also withstands cold temperature extremes and maintains impact resistance down to –40°C (-40°F). For extreme climatic conditions, special grades are available which can withstand temperatures down to –60°C (-76°F). Rilsan®PA11 is the only polyamide in the world capable of performing in such harsh environments.

PA11 is far better than other polyamides in ageing (thermo-oxidation), even with an efficient stabilizer like copper iodide. Other polyamides feature a more hydrophilic behavior resulting from the polarity of the amide functionality. Thanks to its low concentration of amide groups, Rilsan® PA can be used in a wide range of humid environments without detrimental loss of properties. Its very low moisture pick-up ensures not only dimensional stability but also constant mechanical and electrical properties at high levels of humidity.

Good Appearance / Easy Decoration
Rilsan®PA has a smooth surface finish, an excellent feature for parts requiring aesthetic appeal, such furnishings applications, or more generally for transparent applications. Parts made from Rilsan®PA resist weathering very well in a wide variety of climates around the world. It is particularly resistant to degradation from the combined effect of the sun’s rays and rainwater. Stabiliser packages help to further increase the weathering resistance of natural and colored grades. Rilsan® polyamide smooth surface creates its excellent friction and abrasion resistance.

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